Need OpenCL program (oclvanitygen) modification


I need to modify an OpenCL programm called oclvanitygen ( which is used to generate (= search for) “Vanity” Bitcoin addresses.

The modification - i believe - should be quite ease as it would mainly consist of handling the program a specific private-key offset, where oclvanitygen would start its search from.
Currently according to documentation, oclvanitygen simply chooses some offset randomly and then starts counting from that offset for 100 mio keys until it gets another offset randomly.

I tried to get a grip on the code (oclvanitygen.c), but gave up. Somehow it doesn’t fit into what I consider a well structured program. :wink:
And of course I’m very inexperienced in OpenCL, so even a well structured program may not look like that to me. :lol:

In case you’d be interested to help out, we can certainly agree on some compensation for your efforts. In case you’re interested simply PM me.
If the modifications are successful and you think there is more optimization potential (speed), we can of course continue the project.