Need OpenAL libs for Borland C++

Does anybody know where I can find the OpenAL libs for Borland C++, or how to make 'em for Borland? I know this may sound weird asking it here, but I’m looking to put sound into my OpenGL program, and for that, I need a Borland-version of the OpenAL libs.

Join the OpenAL mailing list and ask. I don’t believe OpenAL has been compiled with Borland but I could be wrong.

Loki was in the process of moving the list / site off their servers so if you run into problems try back in a few days.


Yeah, but isn’t there a way to make your own libs? I believe somebody mentioned to me a utility, implib.exe I think, that allows you make libs like this. Haven’t successfully done this, though.

you can use implib to convert a dll to a lib file. then you need to link this lib to your proj and include the header file.