need open gl driver

help me please i need a reliable open gl driver (freeware) for my comp. my vid car is an ati pro rage 2x and im running windows 2000 pro and my hard drive is also formatted with windows xp. i ask because i recently acquired quake 3 arena and i must play now. hhheeellppp! :confused: :frowning:

The usual problem:

Old hardware + new operating system = driver trouble galore

The ATI Rage Pro is a long discontinued product, I am not sure if there even is a proper W2K driver let alone a XP driver.

I see two options:

a.) stick to your old hardware and revert to Windows 98(SE)
b.) stick to W2k/XP and get a better video card.

Since you want to play games, I recommend b.) because Q3 wasnt very β€œplayable” (as in >25 fps) on the Rage Pro anyway.