Need info on Collada Schema Version from the .dae xml file

Hi All,
I’m looking for a way to figure out collada schema version number directly from the collada .dae xml file.

[b]Are there any xml tags that would direclty or indirectly provide collada schema version number?

Is there any other way of obtaining collada schema version number from the collada .dae xml?[/b]

Your suggestions on this would be much appreciated.


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You can search for the first element in a dae document <COLLADA> and you will find a attribute “version”.

It usually go like this
<COLLADA xmlns=“” version=“1.4.1”>

For COLLADA 1.4 schema, documents can have either:
[li]<COLLADA version=“1.4.0”/>[/:m:1mg6tz6g][/li][li]<COLLADA version=“1.4.1”/>[/:m:1mg6tz6g][/ul][/li]
For COLLADA 1.5 schema, documents can have:
[]<COLLADA version=“1.5.0”/>[/:m:1mg6tz6g][/ul]