NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!

does anybody have a menu that can plug into a cube building program so I can select the menu to do my functions!!

Menus are platform dependant, so which 0platform are you talking about?

In case of Windows why dont you use MFC or the Win32SDK like everybody else?

You can use glut. For some quick tutorials and for glut go to . The way to create menus is:

void menu(int id); // callback prototype

int hMenu;

hMenu = glutCreateMenu(menu);
glutAddMenuEntry(“My Menu!”, 0);
glutAddMenuEntry(“Do 1”, 1);
glutAddMenuEntry(“Do 2”, 2);

void menu(int id)
switch (id) {
case 0:
case 1:
//Do 1
case 2:
//Do 2

Hope this helps! And setting up a glut window is no sweat!