Need Help!!

I have a NVIDIA Quardo FX 400 card and a separate Display card in my PC, so I connected 5 monitor and all of them look fine…
I want to build a small flight sim system with my PC…each monitor represents one Display Unit like a really jet,so who can give me a suggestion about it? I look all monitor as ONE screen and draw my output in a same coordinates or try to drive my Display adapter directly then draw my output separately?

I don’t know how the Quadro handles its attached monitors - maybe it’s possible to share contexts between them.

But you can’t share contexts with the 5th monitor.

In any case, I’d say you’ll want to use different camera angles for every monitor (I’m assuming you have them arranged in a sort of semicircle), so I’d say you need to render to every screen separately.

so do you have any documents or demo about how to program multi-monitor applications use OpenGL?
now I find I can use all monitors as one big flat monitor…6400 * 1024…I can move my mouse from one to next one, but I am not familiar with how Quadro support multi monitor…
so if I create 5 different canvas at the same time, and set each canvas draws in (0,0),(1280,0),(2560,0),(3840,0),(5120,0) then can I got five different output in each monitor??

I suspect that that is the way it works.

Basically you want one (fullscreen) window per screen, and render each one separately.
Although with the Quadro, you can probably share the VBOs, display lists, textures etc between them.
(Still requires 4 frame buffers, though).

Anyway, for Microsoft gfx function docs (wglShare*) I’d suggest having a look at MSDN.
And you can also search nVidia’s site.