need help

ok its that simple i need help. i have dev-c++. i decided i wanted to learn openGL. downloaded a whole bunch of stuff for it pretaining to GLUT, openGLUT, GL and all this other stuff. anyways i have this sample project that i use to see if my compiler works at all. everytime i compile it gives me a build error. i looked through the wiki from the sticky thread at the top of this forum i went through fixed some stuff that the wiki said to do but it still doesnt work. i am kinda frustrated with this now and just want the sample to compile so then i can start learning. now ive posted on here before sometime ago and the first response i got to my thread was some guy being sarcastic because i didnt know what i was doing. so please dont post sarcastic answers.

all i want to know is a set of directions to set up opengl on the dev-cpp compiler and also using the xp os. just tell me a sure and set way to make the code work so that way when i bring projects back and forth to my house and school i will know how to set up my compiler.

anyways that was really long… hopefully someone can help me, and to that person thanks in advance!


no one can help?

Step one: don’t use Dev-CPP. Use Code::Blocks or another set of development tools that actually works. Dev-CPP is no longer being updated.

Step two: Get a regular C++ program compiling on it first. Don’t try to do anything with OpenGL until you are comfortable building a C++ application.

Step three: If you’re having a problems with a build error, post the error. There are literally thousands of build errors, and there’s no way for anyone to diagnose the problem without the actual error in question.

any compilers that you would suggest that do get updated are work well with openGL?

any compilers that you would suggest that do get updated are work well with openGL?
Any compiler that calls itself a C or C++ compiler will “work well” with OpenGL. They aren’t very picky about which libraries they work with.

As I mentioned, you could use Code::Blocks along with a GCC package. You could use VC++ 2005 Express Edition. Or any number of others.

Select what you feel comfortable using.