Need help with KOTOR 2

Hey i just got a new computer and it has,
NVidia XFX Geforce 7950 GT 512MB,
Intel D975XBX2 Mobo,
4Gig DDR2 RAM,
Intel E6400 Core2 Duo.
So i know it can suport KOTOR 2 yet it won’t work :mad: . I start the game and go into New Game, and it goes to were u pic what sex, and type of Jedi you are and some of the body parts or the whole body of the charaters are missing. I have downloded NHancer and tried changing
the settings but i can’t get it to work.If anyone can help me plz let me know.

Drivers ? OS ?

OS Win XP Pro SP2, NVidia, Intel CPU 5.1.2600.0, BIOS
I have used Driveragent to update all my drivers.

I don’r know what driveragent is.

You can go to and download the latest drivers. Also, apply the update for KOTOR2 because I think it’s one of the games that has a GL version number detection problem.

I have updated the game to 2.10.427 and it says there is no new updates, i am using SWUpdate 2.01.
Driveragent is a sight were u can scan your PC Drivers and it will tell u if u have the latest driver and if not were to get it.

i have got it working now. all i did was install a tvtuner and since then it has worked so i don’t know wat hapened, but it’s fine now.