Need help with Dev - C++!!!

can someone tell me why i’m getting the following errors when i try to open my .cpp files?

  1. Could not create Code Completion list.
  2. Could not create default code file.

I always get these two errors one after the other when i try to opren them. also how do u transform my .cpp file into an exe file?



Ditch Dev C++ I’ve tried it before and it wouldn’t work for me either. You can change your .cpp files to .exe by compiling the file which will change it to a .obj file (object code file) and then linking which will make it a .exe. This is usually done all in one step with some command like Make or something like that. Hope that helped. P.S. If you don’t know how to change a .cpp file to .exe I don’t think you should even be messing with OpenGl right now. Just a thought.