Need help testing OpenCL program

I’m working on a seminar paper about potential of GPUs at performing image processing related algorithms. I’ve wrote a simple testing program, but I do not have resources to test it. All I have is a laptop with GeForce 9500M GS, and its not enough. I need help from someone with a good GPU. Program is written in C++ for Unix platform (tested on Mac and Ubuntu). Program also requires libpng, png++ and OpenCL dev files. If there is someone with those requirements (or willing to install those few libs) and a little of goodwill, I would really appreciate it. All you need to do is run ‘make’, then ‘make run’ and post results here (with your CPU/GPU specs). Try testing few times to get average results. Once again, I would really appreciate if someone could help.

Here is source. For more info consult README.

The opencl doesn’t compile on AMD. I suspect it’s a locale issue, I had this a couple of days ago with some AMD code (in that case it was windows-specific non-iso chars in comments).

(i don’t have the necessary libraries to build it, nor are they available in the repository)

You should either just use one of the CPU versions, or get yourself a card - even a pretty cheap one will do (although i’m sure ‘cheap’ is relative and if you don’t have a desktop may be a problem).

[notzed@host seminar]$ make run

Executing: ./bin/seminar ./resources/test_image.png 3

OpenCL device:

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Cayman

Compute units: 22

Global memory size: 1024 MB

Local memory size: 32 KB

Constant memory size: 64 KB

Max work group size: 256 work-items

Max number of work items per dimension: [256, 256, 256]

OpenCL initialization error: Error while compiling program:

/tmp/ warning: goto statement may cause irreducible control


                  goto failed;


/tmp/ error: unrecognized token



/tmp/ error: expected a declaration



/tmp/ error: unrecognized token



3 errors detected in the compilation of "/tmp/".

Internal error: clc compiler invocation failed.

notzed@host:~/src/seminar $

Thank you anyway for trying. I was able to gather enough data yesterday. I needed and GPU timings for comparison, that’s why I could use only CPU.