need help...Q3A and Quake 1 glitch

I have been trying to isolate the following glitch for over two weeks. Randomly, every 15 minutes to one hour, Q3A or Quake 1 will glitch. (I dont play any other games so these are the only two I have seen this happen to). This is what happens: I am playing the game and all of a sudden the screen will freeze for one second, during that time the last audio note will loop, then the game works fine again. The strange thing about this is that I never had this problem up until a month and a half ago.

I have this problem on two different machines. One is a PIII 500, 128 MB SDRAM, Voodoo 3 3000. The other is a AMD K6-2 400, 64 MB EDO RAM, Voodoo 3 3000. I am running Win98 SE (Clean install from a few days ago) w/ latest Windows Updates, DirectX 7.a, and brand new 3dfx drivers on both machines.

Someone told me this happens becasue of my Voodoo processor getting too hot. I don’t buy this because during the entire month of December when Q3A came out I played for hours every day and never had this problem. I have a hunch that I need to reinstall older drivers for my Voodoo 3. Maybe some from the beginning of December. Does anyone know where I can obtain these older drivers? Also if you have any ideas on my problem let me know. Eventually I will be upgrading my better computer to a Asus GeForce but for now I would like to figure this problem out.


I’d almost be willing to bet it’s not even your vid card. What other hardware do you have installed on there? I actually had a network card cause a similar problem before.

Hmmn. I thought of that and wasnt sure… I have a 3Com EtherLink XL TPO 10Mb Ethernet NIC (3C900-TPO) PCI card used to connect to my LAN through an 8-port hub by Ansel Communications on each system. I also have a 3Com EtherLink XL TPO 10Mb Ethernet NIC (3C900B-TPO) PCI card used to connect to my external cable modem on my main computer (the faster one). I have no classic server set up for my LAN, just each computer plugs into the hub. I am running Win98 Internet Connection Sharing configured properly on my fast computer thanx to no help from the terrible documentation in Win98SE on how to get it going. I actually had to go to some other website on how to set it up in detail. I do know that ICS is not the reason for the problem because when I did the clean install I played Quake 1 offline before I ever installed ICS and it did the glitch. I would really like to hear what you have to say about this network issue. Also note that I never installed any drivers manually for the NIC’s. Win98SE automatically detected and setup the cards and drivers itself during my clean install and I never updated the drivers to the most recent on 3Com’s website. Hope this new info on my problem helps.

Once again, thanx,


On a side note DSL just became available in my area a few days ago. I am very excited about being a LPB in about two weeks. Online gaming will be fun again since I already have mad skills…hehe Now I will be able to rail the hell out of people with my new 40 ping…hehe Sorry about the sidetrack, back to the crappy glitch.