NEED HELP: Problem with my TNT2

I have a problem with my 3D card. It is a nVidia Riva TNT2 Model 64. For some reason, it can no longer support OpenGL like it used to.

Yes, I have already downloaded the latest drivers from GLSetup and installed them, but the problem still exists. However, the TNT2 can still support and run D3D games normally (eg. Unreal Tournament, No One Lives Forever), which really baffles me. Why work okay in D3D but not in OpenGL?

My OpenGL problem is not just specifically related to a particular game, in fact all my games that support OpenGL cannot be run by my TNT2 in OpenGL(eg. Half-life, Oni, Baldur’s Gate 2). The strange thing is, my TNT2 used to be able to run those games finely in OpenGL, but now it is suddenly unable to do so, which baffles me even more.

Please help, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have the same problem. i have the latest drivers installed on Windows ME.
From the beginning, everything was ok, but for some reason, suddenly it stop working with OpenGL (games: Alice-American McGee, Soldier of fortune; and also divx film are much slower).


I have the solution you have been waiting for, and it is incredibly simple. Open up your win.ini and search for:


Now, place a semicolon before it so that it reads:


It’s that easy!