NEED HELP! OpenGL problems, and Return To Castle Wolfenstein

I recently in the past 2 months bought a new computer. It came with windows XP on it, but NOT openGL. Anyways, as soon as I bought it i ran out and bought Return to Castle wolfenstein, that being 1 of my favorite games. Much to my dissapointment the games graphics had a very polygonal and fuzzy look. The movies and in game scenes were surrounded by a blue “haze”. I quickly learned that I needed OpenGL to fix this. But now I am stuck because I dont know what tpye graphics card I have and I am unsure of where I am on all the other requirements for OpenGL to run properly. I REALLY dont want to mess this computer up, and I am not exceptional with computers. Can Some one, ANY one help me or walk me through the variuos processes I need to do on my computer for GL to run correctly?? I would deeply appreciate this!

Thanks Much! ----Zak

I don’t have much time for a full walkthrough, but simply put, go to and read up about OpenGL. See if your video card is supported under Winodws XP. If it is, download GLsetup and it will take it from there.

The reason why I’m telling you to go to GLsetup is that I don’t know how familiar you are with updating drivers. Most people who post their problems usually give some info about their system, like OS, Video card (and driver version), etc. If you are familiar with driver updates, go directly to the manufacturer’s site and skip GLsetup.

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