Need Help On Everythign OPENGl EVERYTHING PLEASE!!!!

Hi i got this C++ Programing book for begginers and i been reading it but it seems thats not what i want… want i want is to learn programing for games… Game programing , Making games. Learn everything of it. and i just dont have a single clue on where to start . Please anyone help me give me all the information i need to start from the reall beggining i dont know CRAP of programing dont know what OpenGL is lol jut know is a book i think??? to teach me how to program… but i dont really know how to start i mean i am lost like a bee… really lost… all does books c , C++ OpenGL , C Programing , Linux Programing wow i need someone to help me get started … THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! my e-mail is please if yo can just e-mail me and post you e-mail me here thank you again…

Check out tutorial section.
I found it very useful.

Before you can start programming OpenGL programs, you need to know the basics of the language your coding in. C, for example, you need to know the following before you start OpenGL:
functions, functions which take values and return values, loops, if statements, switch statements, structures, arrays, pointers, general basic stuff. Without this knowledge you cannot program OpenGL. In my opinion, you can learn all those things in 2 days if you try hard. It really isnt hard. But then comes the OpenGL, for which you goto