Need Expert (Contract) in Toronto


I am a software developer for a company in Toronto that develops CAD analysis software. We may be in need of an expert that can quickly “fix” [or rewrite] our OpenGL code for rotation, zooming, panning, and switching views (Top View, Front View, Isometric View). We are using VC++ & MFC. I only know how to do straight forward rotation and zooming, but the software has to have a trackball style rotation, and the zooming has to be centered on the picking point. Also, we need some help with display lists so that our rotate/zoom/pan works smoothly with shading.

If you or someone you know would be confident in taking on this VERY short contract position, please contact me.

Thank You,

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Go to for such postings.
And for your demands you could have posted it into the Beginner’s forum.


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[b]Go to for such postings.
And for your demands you could have posted it into the Beginner’s forum.


I realize that these operations seem trivial, but what are having problems with is not each individual operation, it is combining these operations (i.e. panning then rotating and vice versa). It may even be a simple fix. I asked for an expert because we need someone to do this plus optimize these operations for shaded parts in a day or two at most.

Maybe it’s not Advanced enough for the Advanced forum, but if that’s beginner, then there should be an Idiots forum for some of the questions I’ve seen posted in Beginner’s.

I will post in the classifieds. I haven’t been here in a while and forgot about that section.

Thanks again,

You’re assuming someone will learn your code enough to make shipping-quality adjustments to a core part of the UI, IN A DAY?

You don’t need an expert, you need a miracle worker :slight_smile:

I have code which does simultaneous pan zoom and rotate with left and right mouse. It’s very intuitive and is in MFC, I’ll email it to you. No charge.

It also does picking.

Anyone else who wants it just send an email to

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