Need @#%$%@ Borland C++ Builder libs for Jpeg and Zip file formats

Does anybody know where to get jpeg.lib and zlib.lib for Borland C++ Builder 5.02? Or a conversion utility that converts VC++ libs into Builder libs, because I have the ones for Visual, and I need them to work on Borland.


There should be an utility called implib in your Borland C++ Bin directory. You can use it to create Borland lib files from dlls. Not sure if this helps though because there are probably no dlls for the libraries you mentioned.

No, this doesn’t help me. I need jpeg.lib and zlib.lib for Borland C++ Builder 5.02. I’ve found several files called jpeg.dll and zlib.dll on my machine, but none of them makes the libs I need.

If anyone knows how to do this, or knows where I can get the libs, please tell me. I would appreciate it.

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