Need asset: RGB32F pictures ...


For some tests I’m looking for high quality RGB32F pictures … I can’t found some on the net. I did some tests with OpenEXR samples files but I had some weard result like as if the whole range of data wasn’t used in this pictures, maybe a conversion from RGB16F to RGB32F or just a camera that wasn’t actually able to use the full resolution.

Consequently, I’m looking for other asset just to check if I observe the same patterns with others pictures. .exr file would be perfect!


BTW: RGB16F pictures could be great to for some more tests.

Why not generate yourself some synthetic gradients in RGB32F? That way you can be sure artefacts will not come from the source.

OpenEXR is mostly interesting for its 16F format anyway, I would not be surprised if the samples had not more precision.

It’s for a compression project … so I would prefer some kind of real picture …

Probably some HDR pics here you can convert and use.