Need advice..

I recently ugraded my pc. I got a gainwood FX5600 ultra golden sample, 2500xp, asus A7n8x v2, etc.
Everything runs fine but I’m very disapointed in gaming performance with dx9 games. I thought, as it’s an oc’d ultra i should at least be able to run splinter cell and h&d2 at a decent fps. Instead it’s pretty jerky, sc is just about playable.
I was aware there where some issues with nvidia and dx9 stuff but I thought it’d be fixed with the new drivers. I’ve installed them but it’s made no diff. Doesn’t seem to matter if i drop the res either.
I spent £160 on the fx5600u and nearly got a 9600pro instead, but I thought the ultra would be faster when the drivers where sorted. There’s no way I can justify spending more money on my pc for a 9600pro. I’m gutted, spent a fortune on upgrading and I can’t play any of the latest games, which is why i upgraded in the first place. There must surely be loads of people with the same problem.
Do you think Nvidia will ever get this sorted with drivers, or have I been completly ripped off by nvidia? Should I try and sell my FX or wait for newer drivers?

Got bad news bud, I have a 5600 Ultra too and it is a horrible card. No wonder Nvidia already released a replacement for it the 5700 Ultra. I’d say sell it and go with ATI.