need a little help

Frist a little back ground I’m a gamer been playing a online game for 4 yrs [same one] been tolled its open gl. I’m not a programer at all, but ,I do have model building back ground.

What I want to know is ,what programs to to use to build stuff for the game like tanks,air,ships and other ground stuff [homes,shops,building].

I’m not looking right now [maybe later] to learn to do programing stuff for the game but if ,I help them out by building stuff and have them do rest, not only help me but others who play this game.

So if someone can help me fine right program to use. It would help me, thks for reading.

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

If I got you right, what you need is a 3D program such as 3D studio. With that you can create 3D objects and then import them to your programming (or your friend’s).

Search in google for 3d studio tutorials and that will get you started. For me the tuturials under the help menu of the program were very useful:
I think tutorial 3 or 4 teaches you how to make an airplane…

Anyways listen others opinions too. I am a programmer not a 3d designer.