Need a few to test

I just recnetly got back into OpenGL coding.
I put together a small app. Its not finished, but I basically need a few people to try it on their PC. I’ve written a few small things before and had problems with others not being able to execute them.

Im compiling with:
NT4.0 SP6
Diamond Viper V550 16Mb

The app is a dynamically linked MFC Dialog. So right away there is probably going to be one problem with the MFC dll conflicts. I could statically link it and re-up it.

This ~14k zip contains the release exe and a dat file to save settings between loads. The dat file must reside in the same dir as the exe.

All I’d really like to know is if it executed. You’ll need to have a minimum screen res of 1124 x768. I use 1280 x 1024 always and the dialog is too large for 800 x 600.
If it becomes anything more than a curiousity, I might resize it.

This is what you should see when you execute it:


Runs perfect.


Works great
1.2G Athlon
Radeon VE 32MB

Just a tip. ALWAYS ALWAYS statically link when it comes to MFC. There have been DLL hell with it.


Thanks for the replies. Thats 2 for 2 Maybe I have the correct combo of GL dlls now. I think I had some mismatched ones before. Im not even sure which ones I have now, Ive shuffeled them around so much.

I usually do statically link MFC42.dll. But hey, as long as you keep the latest dll on your hdd, no problems. Yea right. Ive ran into that conflict more than once myself.

V–man, did it run ok on your box?


Hi SED. OpenGL client area is overlapped by GUI. Looks like you give wrong position for GL window. Rest is working just great.
PIII 500Mhz
Matrox G400Max

what do you mean “overlapped by the GUI”?

It doesnt look like this?


Hi, program runs perfect on my system:

Athlon 700MHz

NO, not like that. I was trying to send you screenshot over e-mail but I’ve got the following msg.:
Delivery to the following recipients failed.


So if you are interested in it just send me your mail and I will try one more time. Use this one:

in that case, i think that removing the
“antispamthing” string would give the correct email.

Works fine on my Dual P3 600, GeForce 3, Win2K SP2.

I’d just give one comment: say you are in “dynamic zoom” mode. You click with your left mouse button in the OpenGL view and start moving around, then get the pointer out of the GL View, and release the left button: the “release” (mouse up event) is not recorded by your application: if you then re-enter the pointer in the view, you are still zooming !



P.S.: forgot to mention that doing a SetCapture on your OpenGL window should do the trick here !

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Thanks Eric, I had noticed that, but hadn’t looked into how to fix it. I’ll check out SetCapture().


Steve I got rid of the antispamthingy. A little paranoid I suppose. I used to do the same thing on the news groups. I think I did it to deter automated spam scum. Probably wasnt doing any good, I mean I havent noticed any more/less spam in my box since I removed it about a year ago.