Need a example about bump mapping!

I know there are three type of bump mapping, which are:
Emboss bump mapping;
Environment Mapped bump mapping;
dot 3
But I don’t how to implement EMBM,dot3 by OpenGL extensions, I need some examples.

Check the programming techniques examples at There are probably examples there. ATI might have some at their developer site too.

Bump mapping: If you want to use Pixel Shaders with ARB_fragment_program: and check the phong demo.
If you want to do it without pixel shaders there is a guy who has a very good example/tutorial for bump mapping. search on google something like this: “paul’s Project” + “bump mapping tutorial” fo find the site. if you want Environment Bump Mapping with ARB_fragment_program use the Doom3 shader “bumpyenvironment.vfp”

And you posting this primitive question to advaced scetion of this forum? HA!

You know C++ a couple years ago the Advanced boards were filled with questions about basic bumpmapping

I think bump mapping still qualifies for this board.

Although just barely :slight_smile: