Need a book to begin

Hi, I’m new there…
I’m working in a project in MAX/MSP/JITTER and need to go a bit deeper on openGL… And I’m not sure if to buy the Red Book or the Blue Book (which are allways recommended in JITTER) …

You can consider me a beginner (want to start from the beginning) with good backround on programming, and a few old experience in openGL as well (at university I made some small works in openGL / MUI /GLUT … but this was five years ago… and works were really simple!!)


The blue book basically contains the OpenGL man pages, which are automatically installed with the developer tools on Mac OS X or available online. It’s technical reference documentation.

An older version of the Red Book is available free online, too. The Red Book is somewhere between a tutorial and a reference, but in my experience tends to be useful for neither – is a better tut, and the blue book is a better reference.

Thanks for the information… will be for sure usefull…

Just a question: as a programmer I have been always working on a PC… Now I have a G4 from one agency for the project I’m making in MAX/MSP/JITTER (this software is only for MAC at the moment)… I always liked MACs but I got really “catched” by the OS X… it’s amazingly simple and effective… I’m normally developing websites (PHP, JavaScript, a lot of Flash ActionScripting and some Director) and starting with audio-visual stuff (video, openGL, …) … I’m sweriously thinking on make a MAC switch (maybe a power book cause I will need a laptop soon) … What do you think? Which is your experience? Is ther good developing tools also for C/C++? it’s possible to work with UNIX compilers such as GCC or G++?.. Any suggestion about my decision?

If you have time to drop me some lines about that i would be glad…

thanks again,

Mac OS X’s main compiler is Apple’s version of GCC. Apple also has a free and constantly improving IDE called Project Builder. As far as OpenGL goes, the Mac has the best profiling & execution tracing tools I’ve seen.

Mac CPUs are significantly slower than Intel/AMD’s offerings, though, and my impression is that the OpenGL drivers tend to be buggier (though Apple’s bug response times are excellent).

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