Near Clipping Plane.

I am clipping certain objects in my program, then using the stencil buffer to cap the objects. (I have two clipping planes that I am drawing on different passes in order to clip two sides of an object) It is perfectly reasonable to expect that in this situation I could completely wipe out an object, which works perfectly fine, until I put it into the near clipping plane. In this case, the cap is drawn for a non-existant object. Is it possible to completely remove the near clipping plane (IE turn it off) or do I need a workaround. In that case any suggestions? Thanks.

I guess there’s an nVidia extension (NV_depth_clamp?) which should do something similar but there will be some differences.

Disabling the near plane and getting right results is usually not possible in OpenGL - you could set it to very small values but zBuffer precision will suffer.

Well, It’s not that I don’t want GL to clip the objects, it’s that the phsical aspect of there BEING a clipping plane where the camera is is tripping the capping. So when I move to a “Clipped” Object, it’s drawing a cap for it.