Nbody simulation tutorial make error

I am using Ubuntu 9.1 64. I am trying to go through the Brown Deer nbody opencl tutorial. I thought I installed ATI stream and libstdcl correctly but I am not sure. I have downloaded the source code from the tutorial but when I try to run the make command I get this error.

cc -O3 -I/home/ubuntu/atistream-sdk-v2.01-lnx64/include/include -I/usr/local/browndeer/include -c nbody_output.c
nbody_output.c: In function ‘nbody_output’:
nbody_output.c:13: error: invalid operands to binary + (have ‘cl_float4’ and ‘cl_float4’)
nbody_output.c:15: error: invalid operands to binary / (have ‘cl_float4’ and ‘cl_float4’)
make: *** [nbody_output.o] Error 1

Im guessing I must have intalled something incorrectly and am wondering if someone could help me to correct my error.