n sided polygons or arcs?

Hi guys & gals,

Im fairly new to OpenGL so…

How do you people put arcs on your surfaces? Like to round the corners on a QUAD.

I’ve been using gluDisk() to put a radi where I want. It works, and you cant see where the disk overlaps the polygon, but…

I guess another way would be to use GL_TRIANGLES.
x = r * cos(DtoR(a));
y = r * sin(DtoR(a));
yada yada

Does OpenGL have a function to help me out?

Im really starting to dig OpenGL.

You could try to use a function called gluPartialDisc, it’s the same as gluDisk, except that it can draw the disc between two angles.

Thanks Bob,

I d/l a GL reference in HTML format a couple weeks ago. It gives all?, most? of the functions and parameters. Just the syntax of the functions are given in the reference, no examples. gluPartialDisk() was right there under my nose. Guess I should take a couple hours or so and read the entire listing to see what’s avaliable.