MythIII- glsetup problem

PIII 800
asus cusl2-c 256ram
Matrox G400 max vid card w/ w9x672 drivers

I cant seem to get the graphics right on m3. Glsetup wont run when i try to install it. It tells me that i have an old version and to go to for update. I cant connect to yet i have no problems getting to I surfed and got a opengl95 exe file. upon download i clicked on the exe file and it ran a dos program. I therefore try myth3. The graphic problems are not solved, i try the tutorial level, and i see the terrain nicely, but everything in 3d (buildings, trees, and units) seems almost transparent.
What am i doing wrong? please help

GLSetup is just a collection of OpenGL drivers. The latest Matrox drivers should do just as well. I see that you’ve asked the question at the Matrox forum, so you’re obviously aware that this seems like a driver problem.

[Answer to your question there.] I think that opengl95.exe just installs the OpenGL DLLs. Not sure if they’re any different between 95 and 98se. Probably not. If you don’t see a problem with other OpenGL programs, you probably don’t need to uninstall. Otherwise, you should reinstall the DLLs (opengl32.dll, glu32.dll) from the win98 CD.