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Hey everyone,

I made a post a long time ago under my old name Halcyon about my website. Since then, it has gone through two different layouts and I've finally settled on the layout that I have. There are still a few loose ends to tie up, but most of it is done. What do you guys think?
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Thanks to all those who take a look

Link: Click Here!!!

Edit: Forgot a ‘/’ in my url

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Some criticism, please, at least post reasonable tutorials!

Look at this here

gluPerspective(45.0f,(float)this->m_width/(float)this->m_height, 0.0, -100.0);

  • crashes if m_height == 0
  • zNear must not be 0
  • zFar must not be negative.

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Misinformation is much more than useless.

You have my sympathy Halcyon. You try to post something useful and folks come along and nit pick.

Well, it’s two bugs and one problem in one call. How should real beginners cope with that?
I stopped looking after that first impression, so maybe I missed the good part.

Hey guys,

Actually, i had caught the errors a while ago, but I forgot to edit the word document!! Thanks for telling me! Actually, these tutorials are coming up as I write my code. In the code, I check for the m_height being 0. I just didn’t put it in the word file so the reader doesn’t have to worry about extra code. I had a post a while ago on here asking why the zNear couldn’t be 0.0. That was when i caught the error. And that zFar was also a glitch I had which i fixed when i realized nothing was rendering. The tutorial that you are referring to was before actual rendering of polygons, so I couldn’t tell right away.

Again, I am a beginner. I just started learning OpenGL and I’ve made tutorials AS I learn it. So there bound to be errors. And i thanks all of you that found the errors. That’s partly the reason i put this post in the advanced forum instead of the beginners forum.

Thanks again,


Edit: I’ll probably fix those errors this weekend. Thanks again to you guys for catching that. Oh, and i do just want to point out that i’m a 17 year old college freshman loaded with lots of hard classes and tests. This website is mainly for me to learn and to teach others at the same time. It’s more of a pet project and not my life. I’m bound to make mistakes…i mean who doesn’t? If you point them out, i’ll fix them. But i don’t think there is a reason to just flat out insult everything else. I mean…i have a few bugs in one call because i didn’t understand it yet. That doesn’t mean the rest of my code is crap. I have no knowledge of linear algebra and projection geometry…so mistakes like that are understandable in my opinion.

Again, I am grateful to you guys for catching the errors though. They were obvoiusly not intentional.

Here is the link to the post about the Near Plane.

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Do you really think the best person to teach OpenGL is someone who doesn’t understand opengl or linear algebra?
Sorry, but if you’re just learning opengl, don’t post tutorials on the internet, otherwise it’s called misinformation, and will cause more problems than it solves.
Good on you for trying, but you’re going to cause a lot of beginners a lot of headaches - believe me, because I’ve been on the receiving end of these kind of tutorials (particularly Microsoft ones ).

Hey knackered,

I didn’t think of that . You’re 100% right and I agree that I’m probably not the best person to be posting the tutorials. Maybe, I’ll stick to just OpenGL work from now on. Projects that I can work on. I’ll stick to learning OpenGL by myself and add on tutorials as I become more experienced. Thanks again for pointing this out to me.

                     - Halcyon 

Edit: I did understand the OpenGL behind it, but I was not aware of the fact that [i]n[/b] couldn’t be 0. The -100.0f was a typo and what not. But until I’m more experienced, I think I’ll hold off on the tutorials.

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