My suggestions.

Well when I want to learn OpenGL, I don’t want to become an expert in searching the internet for examples. I want simple examples written in different languages the show the usage of just one simple feature of OpenGL. That is what I hate about the Microsoft DirectX examples that come with the SDK. They are too complex. Lots of times my problems is trying to get the syntax just right and in the right order. Another thing, I wish there was an alert that would tell me that if I want to use a certain feature I have to enable it or add other code to make it work correctly. One example is lighting. It is easy to enable a light but how is a new guy to know that you have to declare normals and materials to make it look right. I would learn alot faster if these very common mistakes were easier to figure out. Just look through the forums the same questions for newbies pop up over and over and over.

Hmm, interesting idea. Obviously this sort of thing doesn’t belong in the API spec, or in IHV driver code, but it ought to be possible to produce a standard “interceptor” driver along the lines of glTrace to add a layer of newbie-friendly diagnostics.

Not sure how well this would translate to a new-style programmable API, as opposed to the fixed-function pipeline. Not very, I suspect.

Say that’s a good suggestion (although, I don’t see what it has to do with the NEXT RELEASE OF OPENGL). Someone should put together a FAQ list . And someone should also write a document about avoiding 16 common OpenGL pitfalls . And they should put links to them right on the main page at Those two would probably handle about 75% of the questions in the Beginners’ Forum and 25% in the Advanced Forum. But would people read them?

Good thing I don’t know what sarcasm is.

Ok here is an API suggestion. Make it able to read my mind then translate it into code.

That too should be done as a layered library if it needs to be done at all. Sounds more like dev environment stuff to me.


No offence ment, but since OpenGL is a low-level programming interface, it would be very advisable for OpenGL programmers to have some basic understanding of vector math. Not only that, but general 3D programming which is not specific to OpenGL. There is, however, a lot of documentation on generic 3D programming and OpenGL documentation frequently refers to it.

If OpenGL documentation did include ALL possible situations in 3D programming environments, you would soon find it even more complicated than DirectX.

Nevertheless, I found many OpenGL tutorials that explain vector math in renderings with light. No excuse available.