My Questions about texture mapping

My Questions are:
What’s the difference between bump mapping and normal mapping, or they’re are the same things?
Normal Mapping is more advanced than Bump mapping? why?

Well, they are pretty much the same thing, it just depends on what aspect you want to focus on. For example: Bump Mapping means having a flat surface look uneven/bumpy, while Normal Mapping means having Individual normals for each pixel/texel…Bump Mapping is more of an effect, while Normal Mapping is more of a technique.

Hope that makes sence.


Thanks a lot.
According to your reply, it’s right to say that We make use of normal map to implement the effect of bump mapping?

Yes, that’s it.
But bump mapping can also be achieved with other ways, that are faster/ugly etc.

could you tell me some other ways than normal mapping to implement bump mapping?

Well, Emboss comes to mind straight away, it involves two heightmaps (just the same one used twice) and offsetting tex coords. what it does is that one of the heightmaps is moved towards the light and then the stationarty one is subtracted from it (or the other way, where one is moved away from the light then subtracted from the stationary), its fast, not as good looking and prone to hav alot of artifacts.

Thats one of them anyway, But the only one i know of.


Thanks a lot. It make sense…