My OpenGL is running REALLY slow in games

When ever i use OpenGL on any game the game is then REALLY SLOW…it is so slow that it takes forever to load the game…i’m using ASUS (AGP) V3400-TNT…i don’t know what to do…i have downloaded the most recent drivers for my card, but it doesn’t help me…PLEASE HELP ME!

Have you tried using GLSetup to get the latest drivers? You can download it here:
See if that helps any.
Also, computer speed may be a factor… what kind of CPU and how much RAM do you have?

Well i have used the GLsetup…no effect…my computer is AMD K6/2 450 MHZ 128 Mb ram so i think i have sufficient ammount if memory and speed…My OpenGl has worked fine before…infact after i used GLSetup my problems started…i have now NEWEST drivers my 3d-card has…but NO EFFECT…i wonder if there are still some OpenGL files in my computer that i should take off…plz help me…