My OpenGl didn´t work in Half-Life

I installed DirectX 8, DIRECT3D and OPENGL mode don´t work in Half-life, I don´t know what is the problem but my computer crashes when I try to play in this modes…

Damn the software mode is horrible i need help please

I have the same problem. I have a nvidia tnt2 Daytona (32mb) with the detonator 3 drivers running and whenever i try to play Half-Life counter strike on the net, the only way i can play is if i set software video mode. This sucks. Why dont you fix the openGL driver so it doesnt crash or lockup during gameplay on half life.

i have Nvidia’s TNT2 also, and i no problems what so ever. in video mode, change the setting to default, not 3dfx or anything other. i hope this helps you’s out.

Hey did you try copying and pasting the 3dfxgl.dll (driver) to this folder C:\SIERRA\Half-Life? The latest halflife patch will scramble the drivers for 3dfx. So copy and paste the 3dfx driver to C:\SIERRA\Half-Life
C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\gldrv contains the driver file .