My Geforce2 Doesn't Even Have OpenGL... help!

Ok im trying to install the new game Shadowbane but everytime I load it it gives my this message saying Warning: Software OpenGL Context. Does anyone know what this means? and if it means my Geforce 2 MX 400 64MB graphics card actually doesn’t have OpenGL or isn’t updated… is there a way I can get OpenGL or update it? I am running windows XP. Plz help

Run dxdiag.exe in /system32 directory then go to display tab then under directx features disable the 3 acceleration options and then immediately enable then. I ran the tests before I did this then disabled and enabled and it solved my problem. I have to do this everytime I update Directx or my nivia drivers.
Hope this works for you.

It still did not work. However… Only the first 2 drivers are able to be enabled/disabled (Directdraw and Direct 3D). It says that AGP texture acceleration is not available. Can I download that somewhere? Also I just downloaded Nvidia nview and detonator 40. I thought OpenGL comes with detonator 40? but I guess not? Anyone know?

try this detonator

if that detonator doesn´t work try a program called “glsetup” …do a google for this string …and u´ll find where to get it

it installs the latest OGL driver for your card