My Frame Rate Drop Easily in Game

hi all , im plaing a game called Movie Battles 2 (Mod JK3)
I have set Fps to 85 , but my frame rate drop easily , and it change to 30 - 40 , 19 in some times.
Pls Check My Videos here for show better this problem :

I have try low Graphic game and Low Graphic Nvidia Panel Control and no change

i don’t think it has anything to do with your graphics as it’s pretty low from the start, and it doesn’t seem to change much in complexity as you play it.
I think it has something to do with the physics somehow as there is a pretty noticeable drop in fps when the first grenade explodes.

I no have problems in Games with directx.
Im sure its problem of Opengl

Try updating your graphics card drivers and check the performance again.

I have try 100 times to change Drivers and No Change.
I have Try OS : Windows Vista - Windows XP - Windows 7.
I have Try Set Low Settings Game - Try Low Setting Nvidia (everything off)

Without Fix IT :S

So what kind of NVIDIA do you have? Definitely looks more like a game engine bug than anything else to me.

Geforce 8800 GT

I am not expert or anything, but it seems like the framerate is being v-sync’ed ? Specilly, because it changed from 60 fps to 30 fps.

Usually, drivers have an option to wait for the v-sync signal before updating the screen. Check for that option in the driver’s control panel and see if turning that on/off makes any difference.

i have try , no change

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