my first problen as a beginner

hi friends,
i am planning to develope opengl applications on the win2000 platform and to use C++.I know what openGL does and does not do but that’s almost all.Which header files do i need to code a simple open GL graphics application with C++?(gl.h,glu.h,glut.h,etc.)What other things do i need?So i need the simplest tools to begin.If you help me,i will be very glad.Thank you.

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For OpenGL, all you need is to include the GL/gl.h header, and add the opengl32.lib library file to the project.

Then you need some way to create a window and rendering context for OpenGL. For this, you could either use GLUT or SDL (third party libraries, search form them in the web), or the Win32 API (comes with MSVC).

Whatever you choose, I suggest you visit NeH’s site and have a look at his tutorials.