My fire GL2 card has a problem with most OpenGL games

I have a p4 dell precision 512 ram, running on Windows 2k pro. The video card is a Diamond FireGL 2. the only game that recognizes it is Unreal tournament. Games like MDK2, 4x4 evolution,Flight simulator 2k, and 4x4 have problems with the card. when I try to play 4x4 evo. the screen goes blank and the monitor makes a single click noise. MDK2’s launcher doesn’t see a video card at all. Flight simulator 2k shows the correct video card, but doesn’t take advantage of it (I’ve told it to do so, but it doesn’t.
According to my video card manual the card only supports openGL, not ActiveX. 4x4 evo’s readme file says it supports openGL on windows 2000, but the screen goes black before I can get a chance to mess with the video options, so I can tell it to use OpenGL.
I know that My card works because it plays unreal tounament fine, but the other games have probs with it. What are the differences between these games and Unreal tournament?

The problem can be that some of the games is using DirectDraw for the startup/menu screen.