MY Extensions are gone!

okay im on a Dell Dimension XPS_T
700 MHZ
Nvidia GeForce 256 4X

My openGL extensions are gone, i downloaded the new drivers for it and now my OpenGl dos not work at all, all i used the program to check my extensions and they are not even there, if anyone knows anything and can give me some tips because I cant seem to solve this or has any idea let me know…thanks

I don’t have an answer for ya, but I have a similar issue:

How do I “switch” from Microsoft’s OpenGL driver to NVidia’s? Using GLview.exe v1.3 from, the utility informs me of the following:

Vendor - Microsoft
Version - 1.1.0
Renderer - GDI Generic
ARB Extensions - (none)
Non-ARB Ext.

I’m building a custom-built pc, based on the AMD Athlon 800mhz, Abit KA7 motherboard, with a Creative Labs Annihilator Pro (GeForce DDR). After performing a clean install of Win98 2nd Edition (fdisk + format + reload), I downloaded NVidia’s Detonator3 driver set and installed it without incident. This install was in the way of changing the adapter from the generic Win98 “PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)” to “GeForce DDR”. Yet, immediately after installing NVidia’s drivers, GLview.exe still maintains the information outlined above. According to the html help page included with GLview, NVidia has its own OpenGL driver v1.2.0 with many more extensions than what Microsoft’s driver provides. Checking c:\windows\system, I confirmed that all Nvidia’s vxds and dlls dated 8/11/00 are installed.

I’m not what you’d categorize as a hardware/software newbie, but what am I missing? Due to some past system lock-ups, I am currently avoiding the drivers and utilities provided with the card manufacturer (Creative Labs).

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Karl L. Romike
Phoenix, Az.
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Yeah i have the same problem here, athlon 700, K7M, 128MB RAM and a CL ge force

any help?

this may be a problem with display mode. Hardware acceleration may not be available in certain modes. Fro example 8 bpp (256 colours) is often not supported in hardware. My Ati rage mobility will only use hardware at 16bpp, any other setting and it falls back to Microsofts GDI.

Hope this helps…