My demo is finished and I need feedback ...


I’ve just finished my demo, but I only tested on my computer so … I would be happy if anyone can download it and say to me how it works.

You can download it here :

so if somebody has time to spend …


Nice screen shots… Which files do you download… Some of them have a .rar extension, how do you uncompress those ???

WarlordQ, Download all of them (which I’m in the process of doing) then go to
Stay tuned for reverie…
Jeez… net kids nowadays… I remember back when I was a SysOp… of couse you kids probably relate that word to the Net too… it was big when you would get zipped rar files because they could transfer at (relatively) higher rates over the 12 and 2400 baud modems… those were the days…

Sorry but I forgot to indicate where you can find WinRAR

You can find winRAR on

I’ll put the zip in few days as I though that the rar file format was known …

All comments are welcome (bugs, drivers problem, configuration problem or anything you want)


Arath, Demo works wonderfully on a PIII 450/128 with a Viper II, the text jitters too fast to read through Fortunately I tried it on the unaccellerated PII-400/256 first… so I know what it said It only runs a little too slow on that computer Slow enough to miss some of the demo, but almost not too unbarable… hehe… good work!

Oh yeah, and thanks for the Rar files! I didnt have to reboot NT into 98 just so I could transfer a large file over the network (that for some reason doesnt work in NT)

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It’s me again, just 4 say that I put the zip file for those who haven’t got winRAR.

Your demo works fine on my P3 500/64 with TNT 2 under Windows 98. Good work hope you carry on making demos (the demos scene needs originality badly).

Most demos I see today that use Opengl or Direct X like yours use MP3 for the audio. Do you not think this is a waste of processor time?

I use to write demos on the Amiga and I used the mod format for replaying music it only took a few scan lines on a 1.5 mip chip, I think MP3 needs about 40 mips (I may be wrong). Then again we will soon have P4s at 1500mhz.

Hi Mike,

in which demo group were you on Amiga? I did demo’s too there… good old times :-)=

In PC demos the .xm files are often used for music. They work similar to mod and don’t need much time too.



Thanks you all for spending time on my demo, eventually it seems to work on many machine…

But many people can’t hear the music so I have got to correct this bug :-((

Mike : I used the mp3 file format because I hadn’t enough time to create a new music (and I don’t compose techno music). I know that the mp3 player (in this case fmod) uses five percent of cpu’s time but … this is my first demo, I’ll try to do my best next time!


I never joined any Amiga demo groups, I just watched demos and wrote my own effects in assembler RGB plasmas, blitter zooms, plot effects etc. I didn’t have the time to give the commitment required were my reasons for not joining.

Kilam Malik tell me what demos did you write and which group did you belong to? Did you ever work out how the register 102 zoom worked.