Mutliple Window Texture problem

I am using multiple windows to view the same object at 2 different angles. It is a spinning cube, and one window is a top down view, and the other is a side view.

I am using glut to create the windows, and for some reason, texturing doesn’t work on whatever window is created first.

Initially the side view is created first and then the top view, and the top view is the only one textured. I switched the order so that the top view was created first, and then the side view was the only one that was textured.

Any help woould be greatly appreciated

You may need to share lists between the contexts created. Try something like this:

glutCreateWindow( "A" );
HGLRC hRCA = wglGetCurrentContext();

glutCreateWindow( "B" );
HGLRC hRCB = wglGetCurrentContext();

Just call wglShareLists(hRCA,?) for each additional window you create.