I’m want to use mulitexturing to make a really nice landscape and i’m programming in Visual Basic. The VB OpenGL type library doesn’t support ARB multitexturing.


  1. Find new VB OpenGL library
  2. Do multitexturing a different way.

Can someone show me either how to find a NEW VB library or do multitexuring without ARB and without making textures over again


  1. Don’t know
  2. I think that you need to add another texture

This is a fake multitexturing but you can try :

Add you current polygon
Add the multitextured polygon just a little higher on Y (+ 0.0001) with blending

You can disable dephtbuffer-writing an render everything twice.

But what do you mean with “not supported”.
Doenst this lib support extension-loading?

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I didn’t know about the extensions… I think it is glutExtensionSupported ?? or is it something else?

could someone explain how to use this and if it even what i want.

Thanks again, and thanks for replies