Multitexturing problem - Help me please!

I am trying to implement the multitexturing shader from lighthouse3d but I have been struggling for the past 3 day to get it working.

I load my extensions load my textures but only one of them displays at a time. the code i use to load my texture is the following:

PGS is string;


PGS := ‘tex’;
loc1 := glGetUniformLocationARB(ProgramObject,@PGS);
PGS := ‘l3d’;
loc2 := glGetUniformLocationARB(ProgramObject,@PGS);

if this correct and is GL_TEXTURE_2D the correct target? is this correct at all? what do I have to do?

could someone please shed some light on this?

try this instead
More about this on this site .

Because the second parameter of glUniform1iARB is texture unit, not texture graphics card id.

Thanks, I tried it and it worked.

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