Multitextures questions

Hello all,
Few questions about Multitexturing:

  1. Can I have different automatic texture coordinates generation applied for each texture unit in multitexture rendering?

  2. Can I have different texture matrix, one per texture unit?

  3. Is there a mechanism to use vertex arrays that defines more than one set of texture coordinates per vertex?

Many thanks,

Yes, yes and yes.

  1. Texgen settings apply to the currently active texture unit. Just call glActiveTexture() and then set up texgen as usual. Repeat this for every texture unit that needs texgen.

  2. Same story. Use glActiveTexture() to set the current texture unit, then change its matrix.

  3. glTexCoordPointer() also applies to the currently active texture unit, but you have to activate it using glClientActiveTexture().

– Tom

Thanks a lot Tom

though if you leave nvidia / ati territory those things might not be working well, ran into quite some issues with a sis card and resulted into doing texcoords manually (texgens) and apply via texcoordpointers for each unit