multitexture + texgen object_linear

I’m having trouble with multitexturing and enabling object_linear texgen on both texture units. AFAIK the OpenGL spec says that this is allowable, and it works on my gf2 card.

However, when I call glEnable(GL_TEX_GEN_S) (or T) on TEXTURE1 on an intel 810/win98 it destroys the texgen on TEXTURE0, even if I don’t ever call glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D) on TEXTURE1.

Simple GLUT code that demonstrates the problem is at:

(starts off multitexturing, use 0 and 1 keys to toggle units 0 and 1 off/on.)


Is texgen allowed on both texture units?
Is the 810 busted totally or have I done something stupid?


  • Mike