multitexture problems


In debug mode, multitexturing is working just fine, in release mode, i can’t get multitexture to work…, any ideias on how to solve this?



Can you be more specific? Is it compiling, but just not working, or not compiling? If you’re getting linker errors, it could just be that you added the OpenGL libraries to the debug configuration, but not to the Release configuration. If everything compiles, and the multitexturing just doesn’t work, you might want to try to do a “Rebuild all.” Or there may be other problems with your code that don’t get caught in debug mode, but are being exposed in the release mode…

Ok, i solved the problem, it was a bug when loading the textures that was causing the fault of the texures…, what i do not understand is how it works in debug, and it doens’t in release.
Thanks ,


If you are using the Microsoft compilers they use a “debug heap” when you compile for debugging. This heap has guard bands around any memory you allocate if you go outside of your allocated memory by just a little bit it usually doesn’t bite you when you compile for debugging, but does when you compile for release and don’t have the protection of the debugging heap.