Multisasmpled pixelformat

To get a multisampled context we first need a function pointer to wglChoosePixelFormatARB, which requires an OpenGL context, which requires a DC with SetPixelFormat already called for it, which requires a separate window from the one to be used with multisampling.

I currently do:
SetPixelFormat( SplashWindowDC, 1, @PFD );
GL_Context := wglCreateContext( SplashWindowDC );
wglMakeCurrent( SplashWindowDC, GL_Context );
…Check extensions…
…Get function pointers…
wglChoosePixelFormatARB( RenderWindowDC, @AttribIList, @AttribFList, 1, @PixelFormat, @NumFormats );
wglMakeCurrent( SplashWindowDC, nil );
wglDeleteContext( GL_Context );
SetPixelFormat( RenderWindowDC, PixelFormat, @PFD );
GL_Context := CreateContext( RenderWindowDC );
wglMakeCurrent( RenderWindowDC, GL_Context );

  1. Is setting the splash window pixelformat to ‘1’ OK?
    I would rather avoid calling ChoosePixelFormat as it sometimes does strange things like not returning until all my other threads are suspended in WaitForSingleObject.
    Accelerated pixelformats are always first so selecting #1 should guarentee this, and i dont care about anything else in the pixelformat as long as i can create a context from it.
  2. Can the extensions list ever change for different hardware accelerated pixelformats.
  3. Do the two windows need to be on the same monitor in a multiple monitor setup.
  4. Does the video mode need to be set before the above, i think i read somewhere that the pixelformat ID’s can be different in different video modes.
  5. Does it matter if the rendering window is fullscreen but the other one isn’t.

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