Multisampling fail

I need the best possible image quality in my app. Speed is not such an issue. So, multisampling seems like a good bet. Only no intel cards support multipling ? Seriously …

Next on my nvidia 9800, for some reason I can’t disable multisampling. When I disable it, it seems to reduce it to (i’m guessing 4x).


Now I really need multisampling disabled because I wrote object picking code that reads the colour off the back buff to determine which object has been selected. I think multisampling will destroy this.

Looks similar to this :

EDIT : And this discussion seem to provide fixes towards the end :

My Tip: For picking, just use a 1x1 pixel sized offscreen non-multisampled FBO.

I tried 8x anti aliasing. With that when you disable multisampling it is actually disabled it seems.