Multiple textures on a polygon??

How can you map 2 or more textures on a polygon?
My purpose is a “ground texture” with no transpareny and then a texture with half-transpareny mapped on the “ground texture” so that you cann still see the the groundtexture…
At the moment I´m doing this by drawing the polygon twice, but the performance is very bad because of the doubled polygons.
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If you have multitexture support, you can use the GL_INTERPOLATE_EXT combiner that is part of the GL_COMBINE_EXT texture environment mode. That will let you combine two textures in that fashion.

As I understand you want multi-pass texturing. Just draw the surface twice with the two different textures with alpha blending enabled.

No, MrShoe, look again . He is already using multipass. He wants a single pass solution.

Im having the same prob.

i want a polygon with 2 texures and want to set the streght of each texture at the vertex. (or something like that)

i want a smooth fade from vertex to vertex and want it to fade from texture1 to texture2.

is it possible ? how ?


Oh! A singlepass solution. Look on the following website, by zed.
He has an example of a single pass multi-texuring on his site.