multiple textures ? blending meshes?

hi how do i blend 2 meshes ? for example i have a mesh with one texture and the same other mesh but with another texture how do i blend them so i see both mixed ? i cant use multi texturing as i only have 1 uv channel supported on this mesh also how do i load multiple textures ???

To load multiple textures call your texture loading function for each texture you want to load. And to blend the meshes I can imagine you can use glBlendFunc(); to do it.

but internally how should i do it ???
i dont understand how i have a bitmap and a tga loader those stores data so i can send it to opengl but if i call any of this functions twice i get a crash how should i do it??? is there a list of things i have to do that i can see and learn from for loading more than one texture??

I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Do you want to load multiple textures into memory or onto your mesh?

in memory then once i got them there i can apply them thats no prob but i can only load one teexture now i dont know how to load more than one!!!

alsoo how can i load textures into video memory ???

isnt glBlendFunc for blending textures only ?? i want to blend 2 meshes

> alsoo how can i load textures into video memory ???

So you want to glBindTexture(…) to switch from one to another while keeping every texture stored in video memory.
See NeHe lesson 6 :

> isnt glBlendFunc for blending textures only ??
No, it is for everything that is drawn with opengl. lines, quads, triangles…