Multiple RCs on a single DC

I was wondering what would happen if I have multiple Rendering Contexts (RCs) defined on a single DC. Here, I am assuming that both RCs expect the same characteristics (pixel format, etc.) for the DC. Specifically, I am wondering about the back buffer. Does each RC have it’s own back-buffer? In other words if I enable the one RC, draw to the back buffer (no swap here!), then enable the second RC, draw to the back buffer again (different stuff) and finally do a swap buffers, what happens? Will I see:

  1. Only the stuff drawn using the second RC since it was the one current when I did the swap
  2. The results of both RC’s drawing operations.
  3. Something else?


Thanks, that’s pretty much what I thought would happen.

How about the back-buffer thing. Does each RC have an exclusive back-buffer? Or is there just one back buffer for the DC?