multiple-monitor (stereo-vision)

I’d like to create true stereo vision by generating the left eye image on
the left ‘monitor’ and the rigth eye image on the right ‘monitor’. Both cards
(or one with multiple heads) should use OpenGL 3D harware acceleration.
(This is NOT the ‘standard’ stereo-eye-shutter-glasses-thing, i’d like to drive 2 separate displays (= multiple-monitor))

Can this be done using OpenGL (and how if possible) ?
Is this possible using NT4.0 or Linux ?

Hmmm. Wont this make setting it up all a bit tricky. I mean in terms of stereo, not opengl. Just thinking of your disparity, etc.

I’m probable going to use a 3D engine and add some low level stuff to translate the ‘center’ eye position to the ‘left’ and ‘right’ eye position. It 's possible that I’m underestimating the problem…
Even so, I’d like to give it a shot and drive 2 separate monitors.

—disparity— ? Clarify please

I meant more toward the actual positioning of the monitors and the user. This would need to be quite rigid?

This is not really a problem because I would be using a Head Mounted Display with 2 seaparate VGA inputs (when the first tests with 2 monitors turn out OK).

So the question remains, is it ‘doable’ with OpenGL ?

Well they use inventor for our VR stuff, but have no idea how they do it, so it must be possible.


Can I find it easilly on the web or should I search for the company or something else…

Thanks for the hint. Knowing that it can be done is already something…