multiple glut windows

I’ve been trying to make multiple windows this way:

Left = glutCreateWindow(…
Right = glutCreateWindow(…

to have two glut windows open simultaneously, then render into each as I wish. I’ve already made 2 viewports in a single window but I need Windows for that when I spread it across dual monitors. I believe things will be easier if I could have 2 glut windows instead. How do I choose them and render into them?

glutSetWindow sets the current window

Thanks Boresight! That was what I needed. A friend just sent me this link to a program that uses it:

Now I’ve gotten 2 full windows, each on a separate monitor with the left stereo view on the left monitor, etc. Now, I have a little “update” problem where the right screen is not clearing, but “that is just a simple matter of programming”, right?
Next I’ll hook each output up to a separate projector and try to view stereo on a large screen.
Thanks, again,